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Central European tech Start-ups 2019

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1st October 2019

PWC London

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Central European Start-ups Day

1st October in London2019

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Presenting Start-ups


Event industry

Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Event industry
Our products and services: All-in-one event platform (including high-end event app for attendees) for professional conference organizers empowering both organizers and attendees.
What makes us unique: What makes us unique: We believe that everything begins with a handshake. We also believe that high-quality services should be provided to all organizers (not just to the biggest and richest) who wish to simplify their life & to deliver long-lasting value to their attendees in the form of invaluable personal connections made at these events.
We are looking for: Clients, Partners
Clients / References: Forbes CZ, Dex Innovation centre, FutureNow Conference
Key team: Andrea Knopova, Martin Kolesar, Lucia Kolesarova, Vojtech Madr, Stepan Stanc



Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Technology
Our products and services: Truly personalized video experience Motionlab innovative platform producing personalized video experience its a great tool if you want to increase revenue and conversions, strength the brand loyalty, improve customer experience and satisfaction or personalize the communication. We help to transform and increase the impact of video communication across all industries, in all stages of customer lifecycle and to any audience.
What makes us unique: Motionlab platform is a strategic, long term and powerful tool from which enterprises or the digital/creative agencies can benefit in the same way. We provide deep dynamic personalization combined with the highest quality of creative design.
We are looking for: B2C & B2B Brands with high volume of Customers from across industries (Telco, IT, Banking, Retail, Travel, Manufacturing, Massmedia…) who look for the innovative ways how to drive revenue, cost savings or increase their brand image.
Clients / References: Microsoft, Isobar Dentsu, UNIQA, O2
Key team: Jan Sekerka, Filip Koubek, Radek Psurny - Co-owners


Marketing technology

Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Marketing technology
Our products and services: Marketing business intelligence
What makes us unique: ROIVENUE™ is a one-stop solution for marketers to integrate all of their advertising, CRM and web analytics data into one place and harness the power of multi-touch attribution to get more ROI from their marketing campaigns.
We are looking for: Investors who will become a long term partners in our growing start up 🙂
Clients / References: Digiline/Orange, Urbanstore, AXA Assistance, Zenith Optimedia, Top4Sport, Donoci, uni-max
Key team: Pavel Šíma - CEO, Martin Faith - Head of Client Success, Tomáš Čeleda - CTO, Emil Jimenez - CMO


Travel / Augmented Reality

Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Travel / Augmented Reality
Our products and services: SmartGuide builds a global B2B2C platform that turns every phone into a personal AR audioguide. Our interactive app uses geolocation, audio and Augmented Reality to guide travelers like a live guide. Modern travelers expect a quality tour guide in an app, but destinations struggle to digitize content. Their attempts to build own apps are costly and usually fail. We offer them a ready-made solution that allows them to digitize their guide quickly and free. We exchange technology for content and traffic and monetize end users via affiliate booking, advertising and premium.
What makes us unique: Since the top 10 direct competitors serve 1% of the market, our main competitors are traditional guides - guidebooks, paper maps, tour groups, HWaudioguides. We offer more convenience, affordability and interactivity than these traditional guides. The B2B2C model gives us an advantage in distribution over B2C competitors and in cost advantage over B2B competitors. We offer superior technology with Augmented Reality.
We are looking for: We are looking for business partners in the travel industry and for Series A investors in the spring of 2020 to fund global scaling. Join us in disrupting tour guiding!
Clients / References: We are official guide app of 11 attractions including Prague, guided over 70,000 travelers, have paying B2B and B2C customers, A-team with Harvard and McKinsey alums and great in-house engineers.
Key team: Jan Dolezal (CEO, Harvard MBA, McKinsey), Filip Kinsky (CTO, 17 years SW development), Ondrej Panek (COO, entrepreneur excited to Cisco), Vaclav Juricek (Sales, McKinsey), Jan Hlavaty (Content, professional guide)



Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Engineering
Our products and services: We provide new tool for engineering simulation and product optimization
What makes us unique: With new advances in machine learning and stochastic processes, we were able to develop new tool for statistical analysis of engineering processes. This new tool is extremely effective, very robust and provides unique insight into the engineering problem.
We are looking for: Colleagues with market/sales background and investment to start marketing and selling our tool.
Clients / References: Skoda Auto (EKF department), CEAi, MECAS ESI KEY
Key team: Martin Kubicek, Tomas Koutnik, Jiri Otoupal

Rocket Shepherd

Marketplace, IT SaaS

Country: Hungary
Sector: Marketplace, IT SaaS
Our products and services: Automatically refreshed startup profiles, company diagnostic reports, marketplace for startups to sell to other startups.
What makes us unique: Automatically updating profiles, granular data analytics, personalized diagnostics tools, automated documents
We are looking for:
Clients / References: Exclusivity with Deloitte to sell 'company as a service' model; IBM Bluemix wholesale partner; cross-selling partnerships with +10 regional startups in photo, content, mentoring services
Key team: Founder Sebastian Tamas who is an accredited CAIA and his contacts


AI, Retail (online marketplace)

Country: Hungary
Sector: AI, Retail (online marketplace)
Our products and services: ArtConscious is an online marketplace powered by artificial intelligence and advanced e-commerce strategies, featuring carefully selected, luxury art, fashion and design products. Our services also include art rental, art advisory, tailored commissions and event organising. Currently we focus on the Central and Eastern European region, and our key partners are galleries, fashion and design brands, and professional artists and designers.
What makes us unique: Although the use of AI has become essential, the art market is extremely slow in upgrading itself to the 21st century. Surprisingly enough, there aren't many online marketplaces selling curated art and design products powered by AI. From November 2018 ArtConscious offers safe, transparent and personalised online marketplace solutions based on the mix of different recommendation models and e-commerce strategies. With the help of collaborative filtering, natural language processing, colour coding, rating models and customer profiling, we are able to create a uniquely powerful discovery engine for a smooth and transparent customer experience.
We are looking for:
Clients / References: Our key partners are galleries, fashion and design brands, individual professional artists and designers, and other institutions e.g. fine art universities and art markets. Following our official website launch we have been nominated to the Highlights of Hungary Award.
Key team: • Luca Jakab - Founder and CEO, Dénes Csiszár - Senior Business Development Advisor, Dora Pelczer - Communications and Fine Art Relationships Manager, Ivett Zahorjan - Fashion and Design Manager, Ksenia Feher - Sales and Relationships Manager


Fintech / Retailtech

Country: Hungary
Sector: Fintech / Retailtech
Our products and services: An independent multi-company loyalty system
We are looking for:
Clients / References: Contracted, or under negotiation (HUNGARY): • Vision Express • Vista • ALMA+GYÖNGY Pharmacies • ALKO • CEWE • Budai Egézségközpont • ZING BURGER • LIF1 Fitness • DOCKYARDS • Játéksziget (Régió Játék) • Biotech USA • Trilak
Key team: Balazs Zador (CEO), Miklos Nagygyörgy (CMO), Bence Toth (CTO), Peter Zador (CFO), Balazs Keszei (CSO), Andras Wiszkidenszky (Head of Business Development)


Indoor farming, Urban farming

Country: Hungary
Sector: Indoor farming, Urban farming
Our products and services: Growberry – fully-automated mini-greenhouse for urban farming; as part of a subscription-based model we can also provide the plants/seeds and the nutrient solution.
What makes us unique: Value-for-money, integrated AI solution, One-stop-shop for urban farming solutions.
We are looking for:
Clients / References: In progress
Key team: Attila Hudecz - Founder, CEO, Ádám Lipécz - Chief Technology Officer, Judit Körmendy - Chief Marketing officer (CMO), Antal Vass - Chief Operating Officer


Education / Medicine

Country: Hungary
Sector: Education / Medicine
Our products and services: InSimu Patient is an interactive medical case study educational app with simulated patients. We fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. InSimu Patient helps medical students and physicians gain clinical experience by making decisions on their own, on simulated virtual patients. Training with our app will enable them to handle real-life cases with higher expertise. Mimicking all possible aspects of real-life diagnostics, InSimu changes the way of thinking and learning of young doctors.
What makes us unique: With InSimu Patient, users can practice the diagnostic work anywhere, anytime. The simulator is built in a way that the user can have access to the infinite number of simulations optimized for their smartphone and tablets. The user can order any diagnostic test on all virtual patients in free gameplay. Realistic cost and time of the ordered diagnostic tests are measured, and the objective feedbacks help the medical professionals improve their cost and time efficient evidence-based diagnosis.
We are looking for:
Clients / References: InSimu has a B2C and a B2B business pillar. In B2C, InSimu targets medical students and physicians. We have 50.000 downloads in App Store and Google Play and have 5.000 active users worldwide as of May 2019. In B2B we target medical schools and hospitals with a complex education tool and publishers with providing interactive supplementary materials.
Key team: Dr. Gabor Toth Co-Founder and CEO, Tamas Katona Co-Founder and CPO, Andrea Herdon Co-Founder and CMO. Partners: University of Debrecen (Hungary); Quinnipiac University (CT, USA), EIT, IFMSA

Powerful Medical

Health Care

Country: Slovakia
Sector: Health Care
Our products and services: Application for the diagnosis and management of Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib DPM)
What makes us unique: A-Fib DPM uses AI-based image analysis of ECGs to detect AF and an innovative medical guidelines interpretation system assists cardiologists in providing the highest quality treatment. A-Fib DPM is an AI-powered clinical assistant in the form of a tablet application for the diagnosis and management of patients with AF (Atrial Fibrillation). It allows for faster acquisition of clinically relevant information about patients through an intuitive application interface. Using a state-of-the-art ECG digitization and analysis software doctors are aided in the early detection of AF and an evidence based treatment plan, conforming with the latest guidelines, is recommended. Over the course of July - August 2019, the pilot application will be tested in the clinical environment of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Slovakia and the OLV Heart Center in Aalst, Belgium.
We are looking for:
Clients / References: National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Slovak Society of Cardiology, OLV Heart Center Aalst, Oregon Heart Center, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (educational grant)
Key team: BScMed. Robert Herman, CEO; Prof. Dr. Robert Hatala PhD, Lead Doctor; Martin Herman, Co-Founder and CTO


Behavioral consulting

Country: Slovakia
Sector: Behavioral consulting
Our products and services: Workshops and consulting with the goal to improve sales, customer experience and Communication with customers using precise methodology and latest findings from psychology and behavioral science. We also launched the first online course on Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing with some of the world’s best known experts from the field MINDWORX Academy.
What makes us unique: We are the first company in CEE region providing consultancy based on evidence based knowledge of behavioural economics, psychology and other well established scientific fields. Mindworx was founded in 2015 and within 2 years we’ve managed to acquire our first corporate clients. In 2018 we launched first international collaborations and grew our corporate client base. The year 2019 marked a significant step in Mindworx’s journey since it established an international team of advisors and launched a unique online video course with some of the brightest minds from around the world. In the autumn 2019 the Mindworx will open its office in Prague, Czech Republic.
We are looking for:
Clients / References: Orange, Union, Bolt, Tatra Banka
Key team: Matej Sucha – Managing Partner, Jakub Dano – Head of Growth, Vladan Fejlek – Head of Marketing, Michal Plevka – Behavioural Consultant, Nikola Bernatova – Behavioural Consultant, Kristina Radova – Behavioural Consultant, Roman Buric – Junior Behavioural Consultant


Smart applications | VR | Education

Country: Slovakia
Sector: Smart applications | VR | Education
Our products and services: Solar System Scope application, Solar System Scope VR application
What makes us unique: We have the most popular model of solar system, that is used in 152 countries world wide and translated into 11 languages (). Our calculations and simulations stemming from the latest NASA data. With attractive graphics, number of interesting functionality features and an intuitive use make fun to learn about the Universe. Night sky is definitely worth of trying! Additionally, the Solar System Scope VR takes you directly where only the astronauts hang around – in the Universe. So quickly get into shoes of a space man and enjoy the fantastic VR experience via our application! It has started when it is not even clear if the time even existed, all of a sudden it happened – the Big Bang! Tiny things occurred, which were the ancestors of something that later become large. Billions of years later, somewhere in the Universe on a planet, that we call Earth in the time when life on the planet evolved to a state as we know it from not too long ago, it happened. An interesting tiny idea came into mind of Solar System Scope founders... The first version of Solar came to life at the beginning of 2011, preceded by visualisation of the Earth, being developed already for several years. The Solar system was initiated by the intention to display the solar system in a way that nobody had provided so far, interlinked with the view from Earth and also from the outside of the solar system. Since we were the first and nothing was available at the time, we made our own model. Soon after publishing, our app reached its first million visitors. In 2012 NASA presented and highlighted the Solar System Scope on their website. There are now over 4 million of installations only on GooglePlay with the rating 4.5/5. We are dedicated to constant improvement of our app usability, adding new features, and more distribution channels to keep new users coming every day.
We are looking for:
Clients / References: Google Play (4 million end users), Apple AppStore, Huawei AppGallery
Key team: Zdenek Burda - CEO, Jozef Fasung - CFO, Martin Kristof - Marketing strategist, Andrej Fasung - Project manager, Monika Falbova - Community manager, Adrian Bayer - Designer and developer, Marian Bayer - Developer, Marian Stach - Developer, Gabriel Oksa - Astronomy specialist


Software Development

Country: Slovakia
Sector: Software Development
Our products and services: Jarvify is a company specialising in building conversational AI products on its own technology platform.
What makes us unique: We are an AI driven technology company delivering AI powered chatbots for companies who want to automate their customer support, processes and marketing, utilising natural language processing, analytics and Custom Chatbot Management dashboards. Our development process is rapid and effective using our own Conversational AI technology platform. This is what allows us to be ahead of the competition. Jarvify is a group of serial entrepreneurs, who joined forces to build a company that creates smart chatbots for niche industries such as hospitality, real estate and travel. Its vision is to create chatbot builder so simple, that any company or entrepreneur will be able to build and implement their chatbot in a manner of minutes, while having all the necessary tools and integrations at hand. Jarvify’s president Dusan is also co-founder of 0100 Ventures, a company builder with mission to help create and support young excellent companies. He is also part of the online media platform SlovakSTARTUP.com and a co-founder of Reflect Festival, the largest future casting event in the Southern Europe (in Cyprus).
We are looking for:
Clients / References: Columbia Restaurant Limassol, Henkel, Elias Neocleous & Co. LLC
Key team: Dusan Duffek - President & Cofounder, Stylianos Lambrou - CEO & Cofounder, David Frtala - CTO & Cofounder


Software and hardware development | AI computing

Country: Slovakia
Sector: Software and hardware development | AI computing
Our products and services: TalOS operating system, programming language Tal, development environment, development kits as well as set of different devices (e.g. IoT, vision and audio, different sensors and more), and a DIBOT project.
What makes us unique: Talapoin is on mission to provide comprehensive and universal development infrastructure for hardware and software in one ecosystem to allow significantly decrease R&D time for prototypes, proof of concepts, use cases or new products and services. In simple words, Talapoin develops an autonomous human-like robot, which can identify a person by recognising her/his voice, gestures or face, and is able to be integrated with different systems. Founders of Talapoin identified a solid opportunity from the boom of human-like robots development, and decided to turn their hobby into a productive business. The team of young passionate programmers invented its own dedicated TalOS operating system and a unique programming language Tal, and among other things it develops a project of an autonomous robot able to serve people in different areas of life. Rastislav Brencic, leader of the company is an expert in developing & integrating SW solutions, logistics services, and customer experience for manufacturing, retail and corporate relations. He manages the clients of the company in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and the UK.
We are looking for:
Clients / References: TBA
Key team: Rastislav Brencic - Co-founder & CEO, Jozef Dubovec - Founder & CTO

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