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Central European tech Start-ups 2018

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A unique opportunity to meet the most aspiring tech start-ups from
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27th September 2018

PWC London

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Central European Start-ups Day

27 September in London2018

Keynote speaker

Levente is a member of the CEE public policy team of Google, representing the company across the region with governments and other stakeholders. He focuses on the economic impacts of digitization and supporting the startup ecosystem especially in Hungary. Before joining Google, Levente held various roles at a Fortune Global 500 firm, including strategy & business development and in particular launching the company’s first partnerships with startups.

Presenting Start-ups

DevRaptor School

IT education

DevRaptor School
Country: Hungary
Sector: IT education
Our products and services: Institution for training developers
What makes us unique: The Devraptor School company is an institution where the efficient “learning by doing” method is being applied when training the developers. This means they can learn through live and running projects to acquire the knowledge they require.
Clients / References: http://devraptorschool.com/
Key team: Róbert Somogyi- Manager, founder, Tamás Varga - Concept creator, project leader, Noémi Sugár - Project manager, Tamás Pintér - Software Developer and IT project manager, Márton Vona - Training leader (Debrecen), László Mészáros - Senior developer


Virtual Reality

Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Virtual Reality
Our products and services: VRgineers is a creator and producer of XTAL, VR headset built meticulously around the needs of professional designers and engineers who require superior image quality and accuracy, wide field-of-view, easy integration, and data security. Whether users want to virtually design, create, prototype, teach or train, XTAL offers the visual quality needed for even the most demanding tasks.
What makes us unique: A crystal-clear VR image XTAL provides is a combination of high-density OLED displays and exceptionally clear custom-built non-Fresnel VR lenses. As a first one in the world, XTAL comes with several unique features: • integrated new highly accurate Leap Motion hand tracking sensor, • AutoEye, automatic IPD system that can automatically align lenses to users’ eyes for optimal VR experience, • and Voice Commands upgrading VR experience to the most advanced level possible. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Presentation_VRgineers
Clients / References: ŠKODA AUTO Leos Cerveny, VR and Digital Factory Coordinator at ŠKODA AUTO: We chose VRgineers because of their flexibility and willingness to completely adapt their technology to our needs. Opel, Audi, Volkswagen, Wacker Neuson NVIDIA Dominic Eskofier, Head of VR EMEAI at NVIDIA: VRgineers is going to have a huge impact on the industry.
Key team: • Marek Polčák, Co-founder & CEO • Martin Holečko, Co-founder • Václav Bittner, Co-founder


Retail / SaaS / AI

Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Retail / SaaS / AI
Our products and services: Artificial Intelligence price optimisation for retail
What makes us unique: Yieldigo offers the best profit-increase pricing tool for B2C retailers. 5 - 15% profit increase while preserving turnover trend and price index 3 - 8% turnover increase while keeping certain level of profit margin. Unique selling points: • Measurable results • The fastest integration in the market • No upfront investment. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Yieldigo
Clients / References: 10+ clients, average annual turnover 1BN EUR+ (METRO, COOP etc.) Partnerships: - e-tag integrators – Diebold Nixdorf – retail consultants – Nielsen – CPQ (Configure Price Quote) companies – Price f(x)
Key team: David Klecka - CEO, Jiri Psota - CTO, Radim Dudek - Head of R&D, Milan Havlicek - Sales director


Augmented Reality

Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Augmented Reality
Our products and services: Feedyou improves Human Relations by integrating clever chatbots into HR processes. We focus on areas such as Sourcing & Recruitment, Employer Branding, Candidate Experience, Onboarding, FAQ, Company Policy & News, Benefits Enrollment, Employee Training, Performance Management, Feedback Culture and Internal Communication.
What makes us unique: We build our HR chatbots as MVP (it means Minimum Viable Product but also Most Valuable Player :)), run them as SaaS and develop them on the basis of real feedback from the market (data analyst, UX testing, client feedback, AI, NLP and NLU). We connect creativity with technology (proper communication structure, style, tone of voice, personalization and state-of-the-art tech) which makes us unique. We have multi-channel support so the chatbots can be deployed on various instant messaging apps, websites and mobile apps. Microsoft Partner since 2017. Internet Effectiveness Award 2018. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Presentation_Feedyou
Clients / References: Knorr-Bremse, Continental, ŠKODA AUTO, ČEZ, Hypoteční banka, Fincentrum, LINET, Faurecia, Jablotron, Saint-Gobain, Mubea, Explosia, KYB, STRV, K2
Key team: Jiří Janků - Co-Founder & CEO, Vojtěch Dlouhý - Co-Founder & Production Director, Jan Dvořák - CTO, Viktor Kustein - HR Product Expert


ICT / Telco

Country: Hungary
Sector: ICT / Telco
Our products and services: Offline communication platform with optional hardware extension for smartphones.
What makes us unique: Our application can connect smartphones in a P2P or Peer to Many (broadcast) setup with end to end encryption (Ios & Android) for up to 750 m. If more range is required, our custom designed smartphone case (compatible with most popular phones) will extend the capabilities of the app for up to around 30+km. This works in situations with no cellular coverage at all. Our solution works just like a chat platform with two way audio/pictures or file sharing and even live video stream capabilities. Other players all require an external device to be carried along with your phone, offer significantly less range and provide only chat. In case of purely application-based solutions, a high minimum saturation of devices in a crowd is required and in turn is a very unstable solution. Our solution only needs minimum 8 devices for app only, while with the case applied only two devices is enough, just like the good old walkie-talkie setup. We use only legally free to use frequencies to avoid regulation related roadblocks. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/ShareKiwi
Clients / References: We are still in the development phase, however interest has been raised from US and Hungarian companies which organize mass open air events (on land and sea cruise liners) where crowd management is essential and standard coverage bandwidth is a scarce resource.
Key team: Dr. Gabor Elo - Co-Founder David Javori - Co-Founder Bence Jenofi – Head of Sales/Business Development Istvan Szanyi – Lead Project Manager Laszlo Karpati Chief Programmer Ellen Amodei – Market Analyst Levkovets Yevgeniy – Product designer

Kinepict Health

IT / Health / Life Sciences

Kinepict Health
Country: Hungary
Sector: IT / Health / Life Sciences
Our products and services: Kinepict software tool is a CE-marked medical device, which can be used in the operating room to calculate DVA images.
What makes us unique: X-ray angiography uses 250 to 3500 times the dose of a chest X-ray. It is widely used, 4.5M recordings are done p.a. in the USA. Angiography-related radiation exposure causes several thousand cancer cases annually. In addition, iodinated contrast media used in angiography is a leading cause of hospital-acquired kidney injury. Kinepict's patented technology, Digital Variance Angiography (DVA), provides dramatically improved image quality. Kinepict conducts research and validation clinical studies to reach 8 -10-fold reduction of the X-ray dose and 4-fold reduction of contrast media. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Kinepict
Clients / References: - Semmelweis University, Heart and Vascular Center, Budapest, Hungary - Penta Hospital, CINRE, Bratislava, Slovakia
Key team: Szabolcs Osváth, CEO & founder, PhD in biophysics Krisztián Szigeti, CEO & founder, PhD in pharmaceutical sciences Andor Tóth, Lead Programmer, MSc, Comp Sci Attila Bérces, Adviser, PhD in chemistry, Founder and chairman at Omixon Kinga Karlinger, Adviser, PhD in Radiology Attila Várkonyi, Investor


Civic Technology (ICT)

Country: Hungary
Sector: Civic Technology (ICT)
Our products and services: Talos operates a civic technology platform that allows EU Member State citizens to bring onboard their political initiatives, where we provide the online infrastructure that allows them to drive institutional change at a European Union level.
What makes us unique: No civic technology platform exists that enables citizens to directly drive institutional change by empowering e-democracy initiatives at an EU level. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Presentation_Talos
Clients / References: Clients: • Transparent Data (Poland) • V4SDG (Hungary) • Petr Pospíšil (Czechia) Company references: • “Europe Calling” competition winner (European Parliament); • Startup Campus London programme triunine pitch recognition 2016/17; • Bled Strategic Forum Business Forum invitees (Slovenia); • Krynica Economic Forum invitees (Poland); • Riga Conference invitees (Latvia); • Future European Leaders Forum invitees, Prague European Summit (Czechia); Pitch speaker references: • Dénes András Nagy’s previous engagements: • Political Consultant - Rollout Democracy • Cabinet Coordination Officer - Cabinet of the State Secretary for European Union Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office, Hungary. • V4 Coordination Officer - Taskforce for the Hungarian Presidency of the V4, State Secretariat for European Union Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office, Hungary • President - Nemzetközi Kör (International Circle of Hungary)
Key team: • Dénes András Nagy (Hungary) President; • Alix Dumoulin (France), Vice-President, Head of Product Development; • Max Spohn (Austria), Head of Business Development; • Pauline Ries (France), Head of Communications • Konrad Hajdus (Poland), Head of Content • Morta Grincevičiūtė (Lithuania), Head of Branding and PR • Sebastián Schnorrenberg (Germany), Head of Legal Affairs • Yanis Lunetta (France), Outreach Coordinator



Country: Poland
Sector: AI/Sales
Our products and services: AI POWERED SALES ASSISTANT
What makes us unique: Edward uses some unique solutions to get the most from context and data: • It is one of the world’s first „push like” inteligent assistants which uses machine learning to improve it’s usage. • It works on top of your data; it uses conversational user interface, which will soon revolutionize the way we are using software. • It can learn user behaviours to improve itself, just like a „real” assistant. • It makes proper habits in sales, and lets users to work faster and smarter. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Presentation_Edward
Clients / References:
Key team: Tomasz Wesołowski CEO & co-founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomaszwesolowski/ , Bartłomiej Rozkrut CTO & co-founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/brozkrut/ ,


We are experienced founders with 15 years experience in IT/Internet industry. Our team consist of passionate people who believe that in 2040 artificial intelligence will be as smart as humans. Using technology based on deep learning algorithms, we are creating a new category of software that will change the way people use their computers. 


We all know that access to proper data is crucial in sales. This is why sales managers want to have all the information about customers in one place for proper decision making. But sales reps simply don’t like to update their CRM due to complicated UX and lack of time. This is why they may miss some sales opportunities – and when they are missing opportunities, their company is losing money.

All the people who work in sales, especially field sales teams are affected by this problem. They are constantly “on the field”, and don’t have time for reporting and data input.


For sales people who are struggling with their CRM software, Edward.ai assist them to fill their CRM always. Edward.ai works on top of current data, integrating seamlessly into existing processes to help manage sales customers and pipeline. 

Edward complements traditional PULL software model – which requires to take action by user. Edward main advantage is to be proactive (push model) and using machine learning find best time and place to communicate with user about insights.

Target Market

Edward targets B2B companies with direct sales team of over 5 people. The potential for other territories to adopt the technology is huge – the product is territory and language independent. And it can also integrate into any existing CRM software, which makes it really powerful point of offering worldwide.

Marketing Strategy

We are starting in Poland and plan to go abroad in 2018. Firstly we want to go to customers directly and then test the partnership model with big players (bank, telecoms) to add Edward as a addidional value to their business offers. We are currently testing this approach with one of the biggest polish banks.

Edward was evaluated during the prototype stage directly with about 20 customers, and then it has been chosen among over 200 projects to be a part of PwC Collider – the programm for promising startups that may empower the PwC offering to customers.  

Revenue Model

The product is based on subscription model (both SAAS and on-premise). Customer pays monthly fee that depends on number of users. 

Slavic Monsters


Slavic Monsters
Country: Poland
Sector: VR & AR
Our products and services: Our presentation: http://bit.ly/Slavic_Monsters
What makes us unique: PVP fights in turn based mode and in augmented and virtual reality in real time (most rich fight system on the market) The influence of spatial data for a various gameplay elements, including the fights – we are using spatial data to place certain type of monsters near water in forests and other types of terrain. Water monsters are stronger when player is for example near the lake, forest kind of creature will be more powerfull near parks. Monsters are based on real mythology beeings.- shools, public media and instytutions have reason for promoting our game Players have ability to build on the game map. This is literally game changer. In the future we want to connect original pokemon gameplay with pokemon go geolocation aspect and minecrafts crafting system. Players can exchange monsters with eachother. We are geolocation and augmented reality only game on market with this solution
Clients / References:
Key team: Marek Maruszczak - CEO, Game Desgin, Marketing Over 8 years of experience in marketing, team management, creation of content and gamification. 5 years of scientific work. Włodzimierz Chołostiakow, PHD - Graphic designer and illustrator More than 10 years of experience as a graphic designer, and 5 years as a character designer. Paweł Zelmański - Unity Developer/.net developer Experience with Unity 3D, Cocos 2D, languages: C++, Java, C#, certified Unity 3D developer Marcin Wójcik - Unity Developer Experience with Unity 3D, Cocos 2D, languages: C++, Java, C#, certified Unity 3D developer Piotr Kurstak – Unity Developer Experience with Unity 3D, C#, augmented reality, virtual reality, multiple games published


Slavic Monsters is a gamedev studio, founded in 2016 in Olsztyn, Poland. We are currently working on multiplayer geolocation mobile game with VR and AR, placed in the universum of Slavic Mythology. The game is currently in working alpha version. Beta version will be avalible in 3 to 4 months. We have already won Startup Weekend Olsztyn 2016 and went through acceleration program at HubOfTalents in Olsztyński Park Naukowo-Technologiczny (http://opnt.olsztyn.pl/).

In addition to the website we also publish information about out project on Facebook fanpage at fb.me/slavicmonsters.


Lack of meaningful augmented reality entertainment on mobile phones.

Cities don’t now how to use their own cultural heritage (for example mythology) to promote themselves and their touristic attractions.

Pokemon GO players are bored to death and don’t have anywhere to go (very few AR geolocation games)


Slavic Monsters – mobile game with AR and geolocation. Player is searching in real world for mythical creatures, which he can use to fight and trade with others. He can also change the world around him.

The game will be available almost worldwide. At the beginning we will introduce over 100 slavic monsters and about 70 monsters from other mythologies. Later we will add more monsters to the most popular mythologies.

From July 2016 Pokemon GO has lost about 80 millions of players. We have analyze negative reviews and identified biggest flaws of our competition. We have used that knowledge while designing Slavic Monsters.

Our unique selling points are:

Ability to fight and exchange monsters – player-player
The influence of spatial data for a various gameplay elements, including the fights
170 different mythical monsters with educational description (shools, public media and instytutions have reason for promoting our game)
Players have ability to build on the game map. This is literally game changer. In the future we want to connect original pokemon gameplay with pokemon go geolocation aspect and minecrafts crafting system.
Mythologies are amazing source of content. No one before us have used them in mobile collectible game, specially not in geolocation collectible game. Locating monsters in real places which are connected with them in cultural ways, opens whole new level of possibilities.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy is divided in two section and focused on Internet promotion:

“Our game is giving you everything you didn’t get from pokemon go”(mechanics and content of Slavic Monsters is based on market research among Pokemon GO players)

We are turning mythologies to life. This is very strong marketing tool, specialy in social media. Mythology and culture geeks are very active in Internet. Culture side of project is also the reason why national media are willing to tell about us for free. Up to spring 2018 our game was mentioned in few dozens of TV and radio programs, newspapers and many blogs and web articles.



Country: Poland
Sector: AR
Our products and services: Runvido has developed a mobile app to help business customers communicate with their audience more effectively using AR technology.
What makes us unique: Runvido gives you: 1. A total freedom and flexibility to manage the content - the customer can assign a different video every second and doesn’t need us to do so, 2. Possibility to continue with other actions such as micropayments, 3. A language-oriented content, so the smartphone users will automatically watch a film in the preferred language, 4. Geolocation - the users can watch a different movie in different location, 5. Very attractive prices and flexibility of packages, 6. Free trial period! Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Runvido
Clients / References: We already cooperate with the following customers: PGNiG (Polish gas and oil company), Koleje Śląskie (public railway transportation company), Onet (the largest Polish web portal), Wolves Summit (a large conference for start-ups and investors), See Bloggers (a large conference for bloggers), bars and restaurants, X-kom (a chain of hardware shops), Comforteo (beds and mattresses producer), and others.
Key team: Natalia Ciosek, co-founder, graduated from English Philology (at WSF, Wroclaw), Journalism and Social Communication at University of Wroclaw. In printing industry for 9 years and 6 years in a printing house; on managing positions for 7 years all together; Communicates in 3 languages (English, Spanish, Polish); presents the company in front of investors and customers; presents the project during contests, pitches in Poland and abroad. Grzegorz Ciosek, co-founder, originator of the whole project, working in the advertising industry for 13 years, from the beginning on managing positions; responsible for app development in case of technical issues, seeks for customers and takes care for them in the whole process of app implementation and usage. Responsible for company’s finances, monitors the trends on the market. Wojciech Smułka, Account Manager, IT specialist, works full-time, organizes the technical and visual side of the application, helps to develop Runvido presentations, takes care of the customers, answers to their questions. Apart from the above core team there are also 5 programmers working for Runvido.


With Runvido you will revive all static images http://bit.ly/2wul1el .

Runvido is a comprehensive platform that can be used in different sectors: banking, education, culture and art, for all kinds of information or instruction purposes. We do not need to download tens of application for each product or service supplier. We only need Runvido to find out more in the topics that we are interested in. Runvido is one app and tons of information.


Runvido platform actually solves 3 problems:

  1. generally – a problem of limited information transfer which happens in case of pictures, images available in public space (we are not able to show everything we want),
  2. a struggle which many companies go through – how to economise and limit the amounts of printed contents (we print leaflets, brochures, huge banners, etc.), being more eco-friendly at the same time?
  3. in marketing – a problem of skipping traditional communication by potential customers, as today’s world is overloaded with boring, not sophisticated, similar releases, announcements, advertisements


Runvido allows the customers to convert static images or objects into a video. This means creating a completely new method of communication between the companies and customers. The images are not limited with its content any more. For example now, instead of producing a catalogue with 50 pages, we can put all the necessary information on one page which will expand the content when we approach our smartphone to the given page. Thanks to Runvido we can expand the content – show, tell, present more on the same graphic item, being eco-friendly at the same time.

Runvido doesn’t require any additional devices, special QR codes, any other technology like NFC or Bluetooth. Neither does it require any other actions such as opening websites or links. We only need our smartphone with the Runvido app to see and hear more.

Marketing Strategy

Message – you can become Harry Potter and revive every static image with Runvido. We want to appear on billboards, on city lights on the bus/tram stops and present possibilities of Runvido in social media, also with cooperation with celebrities.


Software development

Country: Czech Republic
Sector: Software development
Our products and services: We are presenting SureVPN box, a smart VPN box designed to interconnect user’s own local private networks (whether those that are at home or in other locations) and to access them easily from anywhere as one secured network. The VPN box solves problems that occur when a user is not within the reach of their own home network. Users could get remote access to all their local network devices (including PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone, NAS, printer, etc.) via one secure network connection (SSID). After a very easy plug-n-play installation of one VPN box a user makes their home network securely accessible from outside simply by using another of these boxes they take with them when travelling. No complicated installation of VPN clients into the computer is needed, linking process is a matter of seconds. The product supports Wi-Fi and 4G LTE and works as a WiFi AP and DHCP server for at least 10 devices.
What makes us unique: SureVPN box is easy to install, portable and its overall concept comes with a unique level of security (allowing you to access home networks with firewall ports closed). Among other unique features are reliable anti-geo-blockage and cross-connection of multiple private networks with all their devices accessible over one single SSID. In comparison to a VPN client, the device is easy to manage, enabling it to be used by anyone, without the need for special technical skills. The box is portable and can be used anywhere. In addition, our company MasterAPP has already developed and successfully brought to market several mobile applications, such as a smart baby monitor with millions of active users - Annie Baby Monitor which turns two phones or tablets into perfect baby monitoring system, IoT Starter App which helps developers and integrators of IQRF IoT technology with their pilot projects or Numbo Call Blocker app designed to block unwanted phone calls. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/SureVPN
Clients / References:
Key team: Pavel Žák, product owner & co-founder; Michal König, head of development

Cardio Technology


Cardio Technology
Country: Poland
Sector: Health
Our products and services: Brain implant for malignant brain tumors treatment
What makes us unique: Research shows that applying Tumor Treating Field (TTF) extracorporeal we can make the life of patients with glioblastoma multiforme almost twice as long as with current golden standard chemotherapy (2 years vs 1 year of survival). The main problem with TTF generated outside the body is no possibility to generate electric field strong enough to stop the cancer growth throughout the entire brain (we can generate only picks of a strong electric field in some areas of the brain). Thus, having an implant located inside the brain, outside the skull barrier that weakens the electric field, we can make this therapy much more efficient. Our goal is to expand medial survival to 3-4 years. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Cardio_Technology
Clients / References:
Key team: Kamil Adamczyk- physician, experienced in neurosurgery, researched malignant brain tumour, experienced in management (over 5 years as a CEO of polish- american startup Inteliclinic Inc- maker of Neuroon), Chosen Brief magazine top 3 polish entrepreneurs, Forbes 30 under 30 in Poland in 2017, together with Janusz Fraczek. Janusz Frączek- electronic engineer, experience in medical system design, electronic certification and production, including sterile products. Grzegorz Żmijewski- ICT technology & digital marketing advisor for b2b market. Specialties: ITIL® Version 3 Expert - Certified at MALC ITIL® Version 3 Managing Across the Lifecycle Certificate - Certified at PPO ITIL v3 Planning, Protection & Optimization Capability - Certified at RCV ITIL v3 Release, Control and Validation Capability - Certified at SOA ITIL v3 Service Offerings and Agreements Capability - Certified at OSA ITIL v3 Operation Support and Analysis Capability. PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner. Sylwester Biernacki– he has more than 20 years’ experience in managing companies and commercialisation of innovative ideas. He founded and manged PLIX (the biggest Data Center LIM facility in Poland) for many years, positioning it as a leader in Poland and then sold it to the British Telecity for millions of GBP. Former CEO of ATM S.A., the leading data centre operator on the Polish market and one of the major operators in Central and Eastern Europe.


Extending the survival and increasing the comfort of life of people suffering from malignant brain tumor- Glioblastoma Multiforme by introducing new intra-cerebral electric field therapy with the one-time ultrasound generation that increases the chemotherapy efficiency and further extends patients’ survival.

Current methods of malignant brain tumors and other malignant cancers treatment are still ineffective and have many side effects that results. An implanted system that can treat brain tumor locally using cytostatic electric field therapy being neutral to the healthy brain tissue and not causing systemic side effects and using intra-cerebral ultrasounds, opening brain- blood barrier and improving the chemotherapy efficiency.


Current methods of treating brain cancer are ineffective and have many side effects that result in unsatisfactory patient’s survival rates and low quality of living. Side effects are associated with the systemic effect of a cancer drug. Tumor Treating Field technology being used by our implant we provide highly targeted therapy that affects only cancer cells, being neutral for healthy cells.


The technology that we are going to use is called Alternating electric field therapy, or tumor treating fields (TTF or TTFields). It is a type of electromagnetic field therapy using low-intensity electrical fields to treat cancer. TTFields use electromagnetic energy at an intermediate frequency of 200 kHz as a loco regional intervention and act to disrupt tumor cells as they undergo mitosis. A clinical TTF technology is approved in the United States and Europe for the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma.

Marketing Strategy

Our current marketing strategy in focused on fundraising, because we are early in the project and expect to start selling our device in 5-8 years, thus the communication is focused on communicating value to potential investors. Moreover, we still communicate with clinical opinion leaders in the oncology/ neurosurgery fields. Once we complete in vivo trials we will start the communication with potential clinic/ country payers/ private clinics focused on potential communication. marketing strategy is focused on working with potential clinics located in Europe first and then USA.



Country: Poland
Sector: Blockchain
Our products and services: Blockchain platform
What makes us unique: • Real regulated money. Billon’s blockchain platform has no relationship to cryptocurrencies or other blockchain designs. Using real currency makes regulatory adoption much easier, and removes obstacles and objections that banks, businesses, and consumers would otherwise raise. • Smart data. Billon natively writes both money and data directly to the blockchain, allowing businesses to reimagine existing processes. • Scalability. Billon’s technology has been designed to be a massively scalable fully distributed system brought directly onto every device, including smartphones and computers. There are no bottlenecks and throughout increases with more people joining the network. • Total regulatory compliance. Our solutions process real currencies and comply with the strictest regulatory requirements, like GDPR, MIFID II, and IDD . Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Billon
Clients / References:
Key team: Andrzej Horoszczak, Founder and CEO https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrzej-horoszczak-a186b3108/, David Putts, Chairman and MD, International Expansion and Partnerships https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidputts/, Robert Kałuża, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-kaluza-0290b61/, Jacek Figuła, Chief Commercial Officer, Michał Pakuła, Managing Director of Business Delivery and Financial Infrastructure, Andrzej Klesyk, Non-Executive Director https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrzej-klesyk-864b19110/ , Wojciech Kostrzewa, Non-Executive Director https://www.linkedin.com/in/wojciech-kostrzewa-40ba694/, Jeff Grady, Non-Executive Director https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffery-grady-53730a55/


Billon civilized blockchain, combining money, data and identity management into one versatile and light-weight platform. On top of our proprietary blockchain we build ready business products which shift control to the user while giving big businesses transformational solutions to redesign their own internal processes for the new all-digital world. Our technology provides world’s leading scalability and regulatory capability to encrypt and process any real currency and data directly on blockchain, deliver instant payments at ultra-low costs and power new business models. Distributed and scalable by design, Billon’s architecture is the first blockchain design that is uniquely suitable for mass scale consumer use and supports all business applications (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, etc.)


Billon solves fundamental problems that result from businesses’ dependence on legacy centralized IT: • Data isolation: money and data are processed separately by different IT systems which adds cost and complexity

• Reliance on intermediaries: middlemen increase costs, errors, and decrease control over data

• Hacking and data leaks: companies add security layers on top of insecure systems, which increases complexity and cost, but unfortunately not security


Blockchain is the solution to those problems, but its widespread adoption has been hindered by the negative stigma of cryptocurrencies. Billon removes common barriers of entry that prevent widespread adoption of blockchain technology, transacting with real money and data in compliance with the existing regulations. blockchain technology integrated within the civilized blockchain, using regulated currencies and compliant with EU regulations. We integrate all the benefits of a blockchain with the existing financial system. To prove the usefulness of our civilized blockchain technology, we created specific products addressed to the markets which are underserved by the legacy financial technology (see below).

Marketing Strategy

Billon’s marketing strategy is to:

a) Teach the benefits our our civilized blockchain technology

b) Promote existing and new use cases, showing that real-life business application of blockchain is possible and actually in use. Promotion of all Billon products is performed by a dedicated sales team. Additionally, eCommerce/eGaming is promoted directly to end users through online events organized by Billon’s marketing team.


FinTech (Venture Capital & Private Equity)

Country: Slovakia
Sector: FinTech (Venture Capital & Private Equity)
Our products and services: SaaS for fund management, reporting and analytics in Venture Capital & Private Equity
What makes us unique: Our presentation: http://bit.ly/Vestberry
Clients / References: Neulogy Ventures, JAM VC
Key team: Marek Zamecnik CEO, Matej Pavlansky Lead Designer, Jan Kacer CTO



Country: Slovakia
Sector: Healthcare
Our products and services: CareWave creates bridges joining children, parents, teachers and doctors for better health outcomes. The solution concentrates on effective prevention by forming good habits for children and offering them valuable insights about their lifestyle.
What makes us unique: We aim to reinvent current clinical guidelines in preventative medicine with new patient generated data via a healthcare platform. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/CareWave
Clients / References: Our end customers are primary and secondary schools, ambulances, clinics and/or local governments.
Key team: CEO (product, machine learning) & Founder: Dagmar Ceľuchová Bošanská; CTO (architecture, innovation) & Founder: Juraj Bardy; Chief Developer: Peter Misiak; Head of delivery to schools: Jana Lukáčová; Business developer: Peter Wallin.


Cloud (AI computing)

Country: Slovakia
Sector: Cloud (AI computing)
Our products and services: International price comparison & shipping handling
What makes us unique: We are unique because we cover 20+ European countries. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Preferum
Clients / References: Partnerships with Amazon, eBay, and thousands of online stores from different countries
Key team: Jan Siroky (CEO), Milan Majna (COO&CFO), Peter Sokolik (CTO), Kamil Aujesky (CMO)



Country: Czech Republic
Sector: E-commerce
Our products and services: EXPANDO helps brands and retailers in online cross-border expansion by providing professional services hand-to-hand with software solution.
What makes us unique: We are focused on the product data and its localisation. We are expanding to emerging EU markets with multichannel approach. Our SaaS is supported by professional services. Our presentation is here: http://bit.ly/Presentation_Expando
Clients / References: Dermacol, Smarty, Profimed, Fjallraven, Turris Omnia, Swiss Dent
Key team: Adam KURZOK (CEO), Jiří ČERNÝ (COO), Vojtěch ZOGATA (CTO), Václav KOS (CSO)

The Event Schedule

Event Schedule

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

9:00 Registration

9:30 Welcome & PwC Opening Remarks

9:35 First Round of Startup Speed Pitches

10:45 Coffee break

11:00 Second Round of Startup Speed Pitches

12:00 Keynote Address: Mr Levente Juhasz, Google

12:15 Closing Remarks

12:30 Networking Lunch & One-to-One Meetings

Event Location

The event will be based in the PWC Headquarters.


7 More London Riverside, London SE1 2RT






Mr Ales Opatrny

Ms Dominika Bartosova

Mr Rafał Sordyl

Mr Bence Spiczmüller

Ms Lucie Botha

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